What are they?

This term refers to all prostheses, easily removable by the patient, that are used to replace an entire dental arch (complete edentulism) or part of them (partial edentulism).

How can they be classified?

In simple terms, they can be grouped into four categories:

  • Partial mobile prosthesis: this product is used to restore mastication and aesthetic function in patients with just a few teeth missing from the arch. It is anchored on using hooks or attachments.

  • Total mobile prosthesis: this kind of prosthesis is offered to patients who have lost all teeth in one arch and is commonly referred to as a “denture”. It fits along the oral mucosa and bone. It is used to restore masticatory function, smile appearance and lip tone. The patient can remove the product at any time during the day. The stability (retention) of this kind of prosthesis can be improved with the use of dental implants (overdenture).

  • Skeletal prosthesis: A partial prosthesis consisting of a metal support structure for greater resistance.

  • Combined mobile prosthesis: a skeletal prosthesis fitted with precision attachments, anchored onto fixed residual teeth, to provide greater stability.

What materials are used?

Numerous ones.  Mainly acrylic resins, nylon, composite resins and ceramic material.

Do partial prostheses without metal hooks exist?

Yes, new nylon dentures (Flexite/Valplast) are particularly aesthetic in appearance and are not fitted with the classic metal hooks, while also having good biocompatibility.

How are they made?

The first step is always a specialist visit with the dentist, who will evaluate the best form of treatment, on a case by case basis. The production of this kind of product is highly complex and requires the clinician’s in-depth study in order to restore lost masticatory/aesthetic function in the patient. Once the prosthesis is designed, the professional tasks their trusted prosthodontist with its production. The dentist then “tests” the removable prosthesis before delivering it, when finished.

Other kinds of mobile prostheses…

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