What is a Snap on Smile?

It is an ultra thin and removable mask with a purely aesthetic function. It is made from semi-rigid flexible resin and has only been recently introduced in the field of dentistry. Enables you to achieve a bright white and perfectly shaped smile in a very short time. The Snap on Smile fits against your natural teeth and therefore you are free to choose when and how to wear it.

What materials are used?

It consists of a crystallised acetal resin, called flexible resin. This material is particularly thin and has a limited duration over time; its purpose is to simulate definitive rehabilitation. Snap-On Smile is a non-invasive and easily removable system.

How is it done?

Your Snap On Smile can be created in just a few sessions; during the first, preliminary visit, our Dentist will evaluate the health of your oral cavity and study the specific clinical case at hand, assessing the suitability of treatment. Intraoral impressions will then be taken, along with a 3D scan of the face, which are sent to the laboratory to create the customised product. Once developed, everything is checked to make sure the product is just right, so that you can achieve the smile you have always wanted.


  • Does not require the filing of natural teeth but still enables the achievement of a perfect smile with the simple use of adhesives.
  • It can cover an entire arch.
  • It is removable.
  • It is painless.
  • Does not cover the palate or gums.


A Snap On Smile cannot be applied in some clinical cases. During the visit with your dentist, specific limitations of use will be illustrated.

Who is it for?

Women and men aged over 18 years, prior assessment with our Clinician.

What maintenance is required?

The Snap On Smile can be removed whenever you want, so that you can carry out all product cleaning operations and normal oral cavity hygiene procedures too.


A Snap On Smile is considered a temporary long-term prosthesis which aims to simulated the smile you could have if you were to fit a definitive ceramic prosthesis. Over time and together with the Clinician, you will evaluate whether to replace it with a fixed prosthesis.

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