What is it?

The new facial scanner that offers you an instrument for the 3D photorealistic digitalisation of your face. The possibility of obtaining and managing the patient’s face in 3D provides Clinicians with a strategic edge as they can obtain a more complete diagnosis and design; it also enables more thorough communication with the patient, who in turn will gain a better understanding of proposed treatment and a concrete idea of the final result.

What is it used for?

To develop reconstructions for functional and aesthetic smiles. It enables the planning of work by using the patient’s real physiognomy. The dentist obtains a near photo-realistic preview of the final result and works on data obtained from facial scans to design customised dental restorations based on the patient’s specific characteristics.


How does it work?

At least 3 facial scans must be taken for a full reconstruction: a central one and two profile ones. The software associated with the scanner integrates the 3 acquisitions in a single file, enabling the transition from MACRO-aesthetics to MICRO-aesthetics of the face. The analysis involves taking vertical and sagittal facial measurements so as to “virtually draw” the desired smile.

Method applied

The operator is equipped with two video cameras and two flashes in a single device, which together with the computer, capture the patient’s real physiognomy with photos.


  • The model of the scanner which exploits structured light is better suited than the laser one for facial detection purposes.
  • Structured light enables easy access to recessed areas, is faster, more accurate and safer, meaning that potential damage to the patient’s retina is avoided.
  • Does not require the use of ionising radiation.

Our surgery

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