Here follows a brief introduction to the services provided by the dental surgery Dental@Med in Foligno, managed by Dr. Luca Sebastiani and Luca Paci, along with some information on various dental specialisations. You are reminded that the website does not constitute a replacement of a medical consultation with a professional in any way.


tac conebeam

CAT - Cone Beam 3D

An innovative technology that generates excellent quality images with lower doses of radiation compared to a normal CAT scan.

impronta digitale

Digital Print

A 3D image acquisition technology of the patient's mouth, used for restorations and dentures without the use of "Pastes".

laser terapie

Laser Therapies

Laser is used to treat numerous conditions; it reduces anaesthetic use, bleeding and post-operative complications.


Tooth whitening

A series of products and procedures whose actions interact with dental structures, which become whiter compared to original colour.

faccette dentali

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are prosthetic structures used to create a more harmonious and even smile



A dental implant is a device that looks like a "screw" which is fitted in the jaw to support a prosthetic tooth or group of teeth.

protesi fissa

Fixed denture

Our surgery fits fixed prostheses, with attention to dental aesthetics, favouring zirconium or metal-free elements.

protesi mobile

Mobile denture

Our surgery makes aesthetic mobile prostheses using Valplast/Flexite techniques. We stabilise prostheses with dental implants.



Orthodontics focuses on dental alignment and repositioning. We use advanced technologies for a better aesthetic and functional result.

odontoiatria conservativa

Conservative dentistry

This branch is focused on the prevention and treatment of hard tissues lesions of dental elements. We use nanohybrid composites for aesthetic restorations.



Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the morphology, physiology and pathology of dental pulp and periradicular tissues.

gengivite parodontite

Gingivitis and periodontitis

In addition to traditional treatments, we offer patients laser therapy, for periodontal pocket tissues.



The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is the "connection point" of the mandible and cranium. We provide functional rehabilitation treatments.


Panoramic dental x-ray

Our surgery uses digital technology for panoramic dental x-rays, teleradiography (latero-lateral), the study of the tmj and maxillary sinuses.


Conscious Sedation

Our surgery offers conscious sedation technology for patients, with nitrous protoxide.

estetica viso

Facial aesthetics

Dr. Andrea Damiani, MD and specialist in Dermatology, provides aesthetic medicine treatments at our surgery


Snap On Smile

An ultra thin and removable mask with a purely aesthetic function. Enables you to achieve a bright white smile in a very short time.



Thanks to the most recent technologies we offer our patients, it is now possible to treat white spots.


Facial Scan

The new facial scanner that offers you an instrument for the 3D photorealistic digitalisation of your face.

icona ortognatica


Enables the correction of a broad range of deformities or anomalies of the facial skeleton and teeth.


Bone Regeneration

A Surgical technique that enables the adequate regeneration of lacking bone tissue.


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What they say about us

Elisa F. / Facebook
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Extremely reliable, well-organised and professional staff, couldn't recommend it highly enough.
Sara F. / Facebook
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An excellent dental surgery! Courtesy, professionalism and lots of technology. Highly recommended!
Alessio B. / Facebook
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Qualified professionals and latest generation technology! An excellent facility!
Mario R. / Facebook
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Dr. Paci resolved a problem that had been affecting me for years. I am extremely satisfied!
Emiliano B. / Google
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An impeccable job, I experienced the utmost professionalism with Doctors, both in technical and human terms. Helpful, transparent in their simple explanations of operation procedures and time frames. I must admit there must be more than a grain of truth in all these positive ratings! Highly recommended!
Giulio Cesare D.S. / Google
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Wow! After turning to dozens of dentists, at last I found a real professional who understood and knew how to explain and help me with my teeth which were in a bad way, with an excellent facility and the utmost professionalism. Highly recommended, don't bother looking elsewhere!
Paul B. / Google
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Without a doubt there is no shortage of technology, professionalism and courtesy at this dental surgery. I hope I don't have to return to the dentist because of tooth ache, but if it were to happen again, I'll be going back to you. Keep up the great work
Simone S. / Google
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I'd like to share my experience here, one of courtesy and professionalism towards an unknown patient in need of a dentist because of a sudden and very strong pain! Thank you to you all
Morena A. / Google
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I'm happy I brought my daughter here too...I travel 30 km just to come here, but it's absolutely worth it. A clean facility, courteous staff who knew how to help me with my ruined teeth...after years of sky-high price quotes and various diagnoses from many other dentists, at last I've found the right surgery.