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The surgery

Dental@Med surgery cares for the well-being of your smile and face, thanks to its professional staff team and modern technologies. All surgeries are equipped with a 32 inch led screen with entertainment programs and for the display of pathologies with intraoral video cameras when sharing the assessment of images with patients. Here below you can take a Virtual Tour of the Surgery!



Health Authority Authorisation
The surgery is authorised by the Umbria Region

Radiation protection Regulations
This surgery complies with Legislative Decree no.230, 17th March 1995: radiation protection obligations (surveillance by a nuclear physicist and quality control) deriving from the stocking and use of radiological devices. Orthopantomography and sources for intraoral radiography.

In accordance with regulations, all non single-use instruments undergo a complete cycle of:
– disinfection
– ultrasonic cleaning
– rinsing
– drying
– packaging with expiry date
– cycle in class B autoclave with fractional vacuum.

Medical Emergencies
In the event of medical emergencies, the surgery is equipped with first aid medicines and tools for measuring vital signs.

The sanitisation of premises
The surgery is equipped with a continuous air and surface sanitisation system to keep bacterial and viral infections at bay (with particular attention to the SARS-CoV2 virus). The manufacturer’s declaration is attached.

Special waste disposal
Sharp or contaminated objects are disposed of by authorised companies. The surgery complies with legislation in force.

Electrical system verification
The surgery’s electrical system satisfies statutory requirements (Law 46/1990 – CEI Standards 64-4).

Occupational safety legislation
The surgery has an appointed AN occupational health and safety manager and a workers’ health and safety representative. The surgery has prepared a risk evaluation document updated in accordance with legislation in force.


Our staff look forward to meeting you!