Why is it important to floss?

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Did you know that in addition to brushing your teeth, flossing is also necessary as part of your dental hygiene routine?

Yes, you should floss to ensure optimal dental hygiene.

Specifically, to keep your oral cavity healthy, it is important to mechanically remove the dental biofilm (bacterial plaque).

A toothbrush is most commonly used for this purpose, however it has one limit: it is unable to reach all dental surfaces, especially between teeth.
Therefore floss should be used for more thorough dental hygiene.
If used correctly, not only does dental floss remove up to 80% of proximal plaque, it also enables the removal of subgingival plaque, as floss can go 2-3 mm under the gumline, where toothbrush bristles cannot reach.

When to use dental floss?

It is recommended that you floss at least once a day, in addition to brushing your teeth.

Do you know how to floss correctly?

Dental floss is very important and its correct use equally so, to avoid gum injuries, such as cuts and rubs.

We recommend you carry out the following steps:

• Take a piece of floss around 40 cm in length.
• Wrap both ends around the middle finger on both hands, leaving a 10 cm space between both fingers. Now hold the dental floss between your thumb and index finger; make sure to leave a distance of around 3 cm between both thumbs.
• Guide the floss between your teeth using a zig zag motion. Do not pull the floss too fast between teeth, to avoid gum injury.
• Form a C around the teeth and slide the floss along the tooth wall, delicately sliding it just under the gumline using a sawing action.
• Remove the floss and continue using the same zig zag motion; repeat for all spaces between teeth.
• Use a clean piece of dental floss for each new space: simply unwind and rewind along your middle finger.

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Ref. ANDI 2020-10-20

Article by:
Dr. Federica Casini 
Dr. Francesca Cammarelle – OMCEOPG 985 

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