What is it?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance normally contained in the connective tissue of humans and serves the purpose of maintaining its shape and guaranteeing its resistance. Its depletion over time, due to ageing or low initial quantities, can result in the weakening of skin, leading to the formation of blemishes. Injectable hyaluronic acid is used today in “DERMAL FILLERS” to achieve:

  • increased volume of thin lips

  • lip contour enhancement

  • improved appearance of expression wrinkles/ glabellar lines/ “crow’s feet”/ light scarring

  • filling of small facial dips

  • relaxed turgidity of cheek bones

  • Facial profile remodelling

This substance is infiltrated to fill and correct the most evident facial defects and improve overall appearance. The Doctor will use a hyaluronic acid preparation which will be injected beneath the treatment area and once applied, this substance will be slowly reabsorbed by the body.

Is the treatment painful?

Much depends on where it is applied and the patient’s pain threshold (a subjective parameter), but it is usually well tolerated. The lips, for example, are particularly sensitive, more so than other areas, such as the nasolabial folds. Should treatment cause discomfort, local anaesthetic can always be applied.

What should you expect from application?

The result depends on the case at hand. A preliminary meeting with the Clinician is necessary; the Doctor will explain the type of customised result you could obtain through the application of these beauty treatments. In more complex cases, several sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired result.

Here is one example: in the case of lip volume enhancement, in patients with a very thin profile looking to considerably increase volume and projection, an initial “non-aggressive” treatment would be recommended. Typically, two weeks later there would be a re-evaluation with the Doctor, so that the patient can observe achieved results and if desired, progressively improve them with a few readjustments. If the patient simply wishes to highlight the lip contour and increase volume only slightly, after the first session satisfaction will probably be achieved.

What are the advantages of its application?

  • Facial appearance can be dramatically improved.
  • The filler procedure is carried out at the surgery in a sterile environment and local anaesthetic is not always necessary.
  • No particular discomfort is experienced post-treatment.
  • Retouches can be carried out over time to maintain/improve obtained results.

And the disadvantages?

  • Duration is limited over time and varies according to the individual, however applicative recalls are possible.

What post-treatment problems could I experience?

In most cases there are no significant cutaneous reactions after treatment, there is some reddening and you may experience a slight burning sensation which normally disappears a few hours after hyaluronic acid application. At home, the user must contribute towards the success of each treatment, by scrupulously abiding by the Doctor’s instructions, attending all scheduled follow-ups and if necessary, applying protective and moisturising creams. The patient must also take care to avoid exposure to the sun’s rays for at least six days after treatment.

Our surgery

Treatments are exclusively performed by Medical/ Dermatological experts. Dr. Andrea Damiani, a Medical Surgeon specialised in Dermatology, graduated with full honours from the University of Perugia, professional registration number 6700. He is a consultant at our centre in Foligno, where he is available for aesthetic facial treatments in the perioral area, with hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, external and sub ablative biorevitalisation with the use of radiofrequency.

Dr. Andrea Damiani