Diastema, a slight space between central incisors.


A more or less evident space between the two upper front incisors, commonly referred to as a gap.

This space between both front teeth is a condition that usually occurs with milk teeth and may disappear with the appearance of permanent teeth, as they are bigger and take up all available room.

However, in some cases dental diastema may remain in adults, mostly resulting in a possible aesthetic defect, as only in very sporadic situations does it cause any problems when chewing, or lead to the onset of gum problems.

What are the main causes of diastema?

Teeth are too small to occupy the entire dental arch.

Reduced development of some teeth.

Natural lack of some permanent teeth.

Tongue pushing against incisors.

A very low gingival frenum.

How can diastema be reduced or eliminated?

We know that even a small gap can cause embarrassment and you can turn to your dentist to resolve this defect.

After a thorough dental check-up, various solutions will be proposed, according to the specific clinical case at hand, including:

  • The use of braces, as in general this kind of treatment is simple and rapid. Dental treatment may involve traditional fixed braces, or transparent aligners. Correct treatment obviously requires a preliminary dental visit.
  • The use of prosthetic products, like veneers or dental crowns. Dental veneers are made from ceramic material or resins and are applied onto natural teeth using special adhesives, to modify their shape or colour.

Based on the specific clinical case at hand, such prosthetic restoration procedures slightly modify the size of teeth to conceal diastema, thus improving smile aesthetics. Application is painless and enables gap correction in just a few sessions.

Reference ANDI 2020-09-13

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